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Agence France-Presse

Cardiff to claim Sala transfer 'null and void': report |
According to the report, a source close to Cardiff said the agreement stipulated that Welsh and French football authorities had to confirm to both clubs that Sala ...

Agence France-Presse    March 21, 2019

French judges question PSG president in athletics corruption probe ...
... to purchase sponsorship and TV rights for $32.6 million, provided Doha obtained the World 2017 championships, according to a source close to the file.

Agence France-Presse    March 21, 2019

In Caracas, water an obsession after days of blackout |
"We're managing... tomorrow I'll come back to wash the sheets and towels in the fountain," said the woman, who declined to be identified. Hundreds of people ...

Agence France-Presse    March 15, 2019

Environment damage behind 1 in 4 global deaths, disease: UN ...
Sources close to the negotiations told AFP some developed nations, led by the United States, had threatened not to "welcome" the GEO report -- a procedural ...

Agence France-Presse    March 14, 2019

Nations set to agree 'significant' plastic cuts |
Sources close to the talks told AFP that several rich nations, led by the United States, were influential in watering down the pledge. An initial ministerial statement ...

Agence France-Presse    March 14, 2019

US probing certification of Boeing 737 MAX |
... issued a subpoena to at least one person involved in the plane's certification, according to a Wall Street Journal article citing people close to the matter.

Agence France-Presse    March 14, 2019

Boeing 737 MAX safety record questioned after two tragedies | AFP ...
The expert who requested anonymity said Boeing will likely face some backlash in the markets, but the damage will likely be limited for the group locked in a ...

Agence France-Presse    March 10, 2019

Eyeing Russia, EU girds for cyberthreats to Parliament vote |
... of being hit with something big" ahead of the May 23-26 election, said a source in the French security services, who requested anonymity to discuss the risks.

Agence France-Presse    March 4, 2019

Dying IS 'caliphate' empties itself of last survivors |
"It was a disaster," said another woman, also from Iraq, who refused to give her name. AFP / Bulent KILIC This wounded man needed to be carried on a stretcher  ...

Agence France-Presse    March 4, 2019

Algerians protest Bouteflika bid for fifth term as deadline looms | AFP ...
An analyst who declined to be identified said Sellal's sacking could be a tactic to calm the growing protest movement. An editorial Sunday in El-Moudjahid ...

Agence France-Presse    February 28, 2019

Offer to invest $25 billion in new FIFA Club World Cup 'discarded ...
... Cup are adopted in Miami in March, the competition will be commercialised in the traditional way, via a tender process," a source close to the project told AFP.

Agence France-Presse    February 28, 2019

Guns and milk: what they carried from the 'caliphate' |
Another Syrian woman from Aleppo, who asked not to be named, said: "No pictures or memories or anything. We didn't bring anything but clothes". - 'They have ...

Agence France-Presse    February 26, 2019

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