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Ocasio-Cortez, other Democrats squeeze big banks on guns ...
“It's almost like Congress is catching up," said one bank representative who declined to be named. Even if a bank is aligned with a member on one aspect of her ...

Politico    March 23, 2019

Congress waits another day for Mueller findings - POLITICO
... the White House to stage manage release of more information about Mueller's probe, a Justice official who asked not to be named said: “No, that's ridiculous.”.

Politico    March 23, 2019

U.S. accuses Iran of plotting to restart nuclear weapons program ...
... and 17 entities linked to the Iranian Ministry of Defense unit responsible for nuclear weapons development, senior administration officials said Friday.

Politico    March 22, 2019

Shanahan's nomination to head Pentagon on ice - POLITICO
"There have been rumors of potential nominations every couple of days in the last eight weeks," said a person close to Shanahan. "I personally have never seen ...

Politico    March 22, 2019

The need for speed: Why Congress and the FAA outsourced ...
... on the FAA to improve and enhance the ODA program,” said the person, who asked to remain anonymous because of ongoing dealings within the industry.

Politico    March 21, 2019

World leaders urging Biden to run - POLITICO
... also told Biden that he hopes he will run for president on a platform of strong U.S. leadership and trans-Atlantic harmony, said a person close to Rasmussen.

Politico    March 20, 2019

Trump officials prepared to stonewall Democratic oversight demands
... request for a slew of documents about fired administration officials, Russian nationals and Trump businesses, according to a person familiar with the situation .

Politico    March 19, 2019

Biden will be a bust, Trump aides assure their boss - POLITICO
... of candidates who were supposed to be front-runners but flamed out before they were ever able to take off,” said a person close to the Trump campaign.

Politico    March 15, 2019

China's new investment law replete with question marks - POLITICO
Another sticking point is conditions for removing joint venture requirements in certain sectors, according to the sources, who declined to be identified because of ...

Politico    March 15, 2019

How Beto shook off his funk and decided to run - POLITICO
He had begun to gain back weight he had lost during the Senate campaign, and according to several people close to O'Rourke, he received encouragement ...

Politico    March 14, 2019

House Democrats struggle in Trump's news cycle - POLITICO
A senior Democratic aide noted that with the House taking up a resolution this week to make the Mueller report public, the discussion of impeachment was ...

Politico    March 13, 2019

GOP running out of options on Trump's border emergency - POLITICO
... through “germane” amendments and the parliamentarian has made it clear that substantive votes are unlikely to be allowed, a senior Republican aide said.

Politico    March 12, 2019

GOP searches for way out of border fight with Trump - POLITICO
A person close to the White House said it's unlikely the president would agree to a compromise that curtails executive power. In addition to Tillis, Sens.

Politico    March 11, 2019

Trump to seek $8.6B to finish border wall before 2020 election ...
The $8.6 billion request for fiscal 2020 would allow the administration to complete all 722 miles, according to the official, speaking on background. Reuters first ...

Politico    March 10, 2019

'A major player': Sanders gets props from the Democratic ...
Many Democrats insisted on anonymity to speak candidly about the primary, but they acknowledged Sanders is no longer persona non grata. “I certainly hear ...

Politico    March 10, 2019

Trump call for budget cuts sparks new shutdown fears - POLITICO
... assumes a caps increase,” a senior administration official speaking on background said Saturday, referring to an increase in budget limits set eight years ago.

Politico    March 9, 2019

Advisers urge Trump to defer 2020 rallies - POLITICO
... season and this is the point in the year when you're doing more planning and budgeting and strategizing than rallying,” said a person close to the president.

Politico    March 8, 2019

WH official: 'Much' work to be done for China deal; no in-person ...
... leaders meet to avoid the spectacle of Trump walking away from an agreement during potential meeting with Xi at Mar-a-Lago, said a source close to the talks, ...

Politico    March 8, 2019

Morning Defense - POLITICO
... or contractor seeking a clearance to acknowledge any illegal drug use over the previous seven years, according to the official, who asked not to be identified.

Politico    March 8, 2019

Sources: Michael Cohen gives House Intel docs showing previous ...
... that his false 2017 testimony to the panel about negotiations for a Trump Tower in Moscow was edited, according to two sources familiar with the matter.

Politico    March 6, 2019

Senior intelligence official put on leave for 'personal misconduct ...
... his deputy director on administrative leave for allegedly engaging in inappropriate workplace relationships, sources familiar with the matter told POLITICO.

Politico    March 6, 2019

Related and construction unions call truce in bitter Hudson Yards fight
And while both sides called the truce a “win-win,” a source close to the umbrella labor group said that Related would now negotiate work contracts directly with ...

Politico    March 6, 2019

Tensions flare as Dems struggle to calm furor over Omar - POLITICO
A senior Democratic aide disputed that it was a tense exchange, saying Pelosi was merely trying to explain why things unfolded the way they did over the past ...

Politico    March 6, 2019

House Dems postpone vote rebuking Omar amid pressure from left ...
A senior Democratic aide countered Ocasio-Cortez's criticisms on Tuesday by saying a resolution on the House floor is far from the most severe punishment ...

Politico    March 5, 2019

Kirstjen Nielsen digs in after surviving Trump's wrath - POLITICO
“Having General Kelly removed from the relationship has given her a more direct point to the president,” said a person close to Nielsen. “Kirstjen is still standing ...

Politico    March 4, 2019

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